I have some good news.  I have started an invitation only, online community for those people are serious about Moving to Jamaica in the near future, and need to have serious questions answered.

I hope that by now you will have downloaded our free e-book: “The 10 1/2 Mistakes People Make When Moving To Jamaica.” If you have not already done so, we would  encourage you do so now before joining this community.

Many of you may have already downloaded the  free e-book and want more information or may have hard pressing questions.

I would like to offer you  the opportunity to join my Discussion group which is taking place in the form of an email-based community that I am setting up called TransitionChat.

This Discussion group will provide support for those of  who are serious about taking that next step and actually moving to Jamaica.  BUT… this discussion area is not for everyone.
If you are only interested in being fas’ (as Jamaicans would say) i.e. for the sake of curiosity then please don’t join.

This is for people who have a serious interest in “Moving to Jamaica” and are interested in learning  about issues which can make a relocation go sour to the Island.

The information you will gather will be critical in helping you to move yourself and your family to this sunny island. Successful Transitions require wise, detailed research, and that’s what this Discussion group is all about.

To be honest, I actually don’t know whether or not this is the right forum for us to use… as this area may only attract people wanting information about arriving to Jamaica for a holiday.

Just to be clear, this forum will not address “my next vacation to Jamaica.” This discussion will take place over email, for people  interested in Moving to Jamaica in the next six to twelve  month period.

Join today — and we’ll find out together whether this will work.

Click on the following link and fill out your name and email address:



See you in the Transition-chat discussion group

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  1. Hello! I really liked your forum, especially this section. I just signed up and immediately decided to introduce myself, if I’m wrong section, ask the moderators to move the topic to the right place, hopefully it will take me well… My name is Mary, me 29 years, humourist and serious woman in one person. I apologize for my English


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