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Humorous Jamaican Men> One Love

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a few days outside of Kingston the city, and was in Ocho Rios which is what they call “the country” here on the island. Most places outside of Kingston is generally labelled as ” the country, he or she is from the country” I have never been [...]

Advice On Packing For A Move To Jamaica

I remember packing my belongings in Washington DC., with the intention of shipping them to Florida to join up with my husband’s belongings, in preparation for our move across the ocean to Kingston. I had absolutely no idea of what to pack. One thing was certain, I had convinced myself that all of my antique [...]

The Contrast of Jamaica> Vacation vs Living

Many of us arrive to Jamaica on holiday for the first time, and literally fall in love with the country. We leave vowing to return the following year, and many proceed to do just that. You arrive from Belgium, Germany, Canada, Japan and the United States, with images you have stored in your head of [...]

Charitable Groups in Kingston JA.

There are several charitable organizations in Jamaica, where any individual who wants to volunteer time  or resources can do so and feel  a tremendous sense of good. I usually recommend that you spend the first 3-6 months  after arriving on the island, getting yourself and family settled. Once you feel settled and know your way [...]

Both Sides of the Story> Shared Comments

My informational blog was officially launched on on May 13th 2008. I started writing a few things earlier in the year, but was truly intimidated to share. Anyhow, I finally got the courage to go public and started advertising that the site was available at several other websites where I think expats visit. What has [...]

What Do Expatriate Spouses Need?

This article comes from expatwomen September 2008 Newsletter and I wanted to share with you the readers. Managing Global Talent: What Do Expatriate Spouses Need? Report to Participants By Dr. Nina Cole Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada July 2008 Surveys consistently demonstrate that problems with spousal adjustment are the leading cause of early return home [...]

Questions; About Future Moves To Jamaica

For the last year and a half, I have been a volunteer mentor with various on line expat exchange services, where I answer questions for expats seeking information about Jamaica. Not sure when the idea first popped into my head to do this, but I realized early on that I get tremendous enjoyment when assisting [...]

From A Security Specialist Corner: On Living In Jamaica

I decided to ask a Security Consultant to share his views and some tips about living in the sun for people considering moving to Jamaica, as many are often confused by the conflicting reports. The first thing many people here about Jamaica, is how beautiful it is, but the crime rate and violence is high. [...]

Getting a Jamaican Driver’s Licence: July 2008

After receiving several email inquiries about obtaining a Jamaican driver’s licence, I decided to share information about this process. While the actual process for getting a driver’s licence was something which both my husband and I went through during our first year on the island, I realized that my memory of the steps involved was [...]

Expat: Recently Moved To Kingston From The UK Shares

This note was recently left at an online forum where individuals post questions and answers about moving/ living in Jamaica: I moved here to Jamaica from the UK about 3 months ago, and am very pleased I made the move. But you do need to do some research before you move out here – particularly [...]