My name is Dale Wade, I am a cultural transition specialist and the author of the Transition Sunshine Blog.

This Informational blog is designed to provide readers with information which I believe is necessary for expatriates(expats) considering a move to Jamaica. Individuals move to Jamaica for various reasons, and doing in-depth research is key for successfully moving to this incredibly beautiful Caribbean island.

Who is Dale?

Over the last ten years, my background in International Relations and Counselling has allowed me to participate in activities geared towards helping professionals.

Originally from Trinidad, West Indies,  as a child I migrated with my family to New York City. I lived in the United States for some 35 years before deciding to move with my Jamaican husband to his native country and to a life in the sun.

We were settling in Kingston Jamaica where I quickly realized that I needed an entirely new rule book in order to function in this developing country. Jamaica was very unlike New York City or Washington, D.C., my stomping grounds and homes for many years.

The question I asked myself within the first month was, “Who am I on this new soil?” This question followed quickly after my realization that, “Gosh, I am not on vacation!”

An activity as simple as driving down the street required more brain space than usual as it involved making the mental switch from driving on the right hand side of the road to the left. Fortunately for me, I have a wonderful mother-in-law who I phoned daily seeking advice on shopping as well as best practices for navigating the city. Sleep came early during those first six months. Culture shock was alive and kicking.

Several months later, I realized that better preparation would have facilitated the ease at which I adapted to the Jamaican culture rich in its strong oral tradition. With this thought in mind, I decided that I would provide information for others considering a similar move. My passion for assisting students with their higher education goals has paved the way for my assisting expats with settling into a new environment.

Before moving to Jamaica, I remember spending numerous hours trying to locate reading materials that would prepare me for my move to Jamaica. However, any material that I located was largely oriented towards vacations and/or cruise ship tours. Information surrounding visits outside of the tourist meccas of Ocho Rios and Montego was few and far between.  There was nothing to inform me of what life would be like in Kingston. This is the information I desperately sought and needed.
After volunteering as an Online Transition Mentor for Expatwomen  and interviewing almost one hundred people on the topic of  working and living in Jamaica, I realized that I could provide a service for all individuals considering a move to Jamaica.

The questions and comments I received via email and through survey responses were alarming. I heard many horror stories from individuals who had not done any research prior to packing up and moving to Jamaica.  My objective, as a Cultural Transition Specialist, is to prevent and minimize the horror associated with relocation. I focus largely on expatriates but also consult with returning residents to Jamaica.

If you are looking for sound advice to pass on to a company that is considering relocating an employee to Jamaica, please feel free to contact me or send them a copy of the free e-book available on my home page.
You can send me a note by using the following http://ReplytoDale.info