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Fruits: I have come to like in Jamaica

By trinifem2 • February 15, 2011 • Filed in: Food In Jamaica, Uncategorized

Jack Fruit, Hmmmmm.. I remember my husband showing me how to cut this huge fruit apart and eat the sweet pods with my hands. No way were my taste buds which are generally way open  to new taste handling this new “Jack Fruit”.
Fast forward 4 years later I found myself yesterday being most upset that my husband ate (nyamed as is said here)  all of this precious fruit which I purchased from a man on the street…
Nothing stays the same for sure.

Guineps another fruit I have acquired a taste for.

Paw Paw ( papaya) & Water melons. Fresh fruit is a true treasure to be had  on the Island year round and they are plentiful..


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