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Tips On Moving To Jamaica

Listen to a 60 minute telephone interview on tips  for those considering a move to Jamaica. Listen when time allows  to  Dale’s Tips On Moving To Jamaica addthis_url = ‘’; addthis_title = ‘Tips+On+Moving+To+Jamaica’; addthis_pub = ”;

Moving Back to Jamaica from a First World Country

Moving Back to Jamaica from a First World Country By Francis Wade Hubby Shares; After visiting South Africa (and especially after touring the Alexandria and Soweto Townships), I am facing the fact that my Move back to Jamaica has a lot to do with moving from First World to Third. In Johannesburg, it is possible [...]

Fruits: I have come to like in Jamaica

Jack Fruit, Hmmmmm.. I remember my husband showing me how to cut this huge fruit apart and eat the sweet pods with my hands. No way were my taste buds which are generally way open  to new taste handling this new “Jack Fruit”. Fast forward 4 years later I found myself yesterday being most upset [...]

Kingston Rocks: Bob Marley

Happy Birthday Bob Marley I remember being age 12 in New York City, and absolutely loving his music. Many of the kids on my block wanted to dance like Bob the Rasta as we sang ” I Shot the Sheriff”. Fast forward some 30 years later and my visiting the Bob Marley Museum here in [...]

Work Permit: Update From Jamaica

I recently read the attached article in the newspaper about Work Permits, and since I get several emails about this topic, I concluded I would share this with you the readers. Please note that most people arriving for employment to the Island generally need to secure a job and have the future employer apply for [...]