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I have been meaning to post the following link  to my blog for sometime now, as many  considering a  move to the Island  may benefit from seeing some of the  many cultural things the country has to offer.

Jamaican culture

I often advise people who are considering a move to Jamaica, to make several small trips exploring the entire Island if possible before saying yes to a final move….. These trips may be beneficial and can often times prepare you  culturally for what to expect from this Island in the sun….

Another tip is to read everything you can possibly get your hands on, the more information you have the better prepared you will be for your move…..

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The two and a half miles ‘avenue’ of bamboos on the main road between Lacovia and Middle Quarters is said to have been planted by the owners of Holland Estate in the 17th century to provide shade in the heat of the St. Elizabeth savannah. Today, it is a south coast attraction for tourists and locals alike. “