Update From Kingston: Jamaica

At this time myself and husband are safe, and thanks for checking in. While we live in Kingston, we do not live close to any of the areas that are “at war” is how they say it here, or communities which are warring.

Bearing in mind that Kingston is not a very large city, but lots of the poor neighborhoods are in close proximity to areas which are not as socio- economically challenged. This is by virtue of how the city was designed is my best guest.  So all that to say, we are watching news at home and hearing gun shots, and helicopters flying over.

Foreign press& media are calling Tivoli and some of the warring areas, “Slums” which makes many Jamaicans very angry to here some neighborhoods being called slums. Hmmmm!

This entire ordeal in my mind could have been prevented, but due to extremely greedy, corrupt politicians who chose to befriend criminals, Jamaica is now at serious crossroads. This particular blow up, has deep historical roots, as this guy Dudus’s dad was also a known Don some 15 years ago and was murdered in jail by a fire. Drama

The worst part is that good investigative reporting is sort of lacking here in Jamaica, which leads the International Press to getting snippets from Twitter or wherever, as they try to understand it all.

I do not profess to know the entire history of it all, but I do know corrupt politicians with bad  communication skills when I see them. What a freaking mess,  as criminals and politicians  mash up the country, very sad indeed.

Here are two links which may help you to understand some of it all ( Please note some  information at the CCN  piece is not all entirely true from my angle? but 95% of it is. I simply hope it all ends soon, but even if it does, the social, economic and political spaces is without good clean, direct leadership is my conclusion.


Downtown Kingston:What Expats rarely see

I saw the following video on facebook last week and wanted to share with you the readers. This is certainly not a side of Jamaica promoted by the Tourist board, as they usually show the beautiful beaches of Negril, Montego-bay, Portland or the panoramic views of the Blue Mountains. I cannot say I blame them, as there are so many beautiful parts of the island to showcase for tourist.

I also need to admit that I have never been to the areas shown in the video, but I here enough  daily about Uptown and Downtown people to know different lifestyles exist, and if one lives on the Island long enough, you will come across many differences as well.

People considering a move to the Island however, need to look at the Island as a whole. So research, research, is my ongoing advice.

Note: Rarely seen by tourist

This is the side of Jamaica which is often viewed by Tourist:

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