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Another Day In Jamaica: Water Lock Offs

The last  few months have  been extremely dry across most the Island of Jamaica. Not only has the heat been an issue, but many people are singing and praying for the rains to fall soon. Many places have been on water lock offs/ rationed water, meaning ” no water in taps” and if you do [...]

Moving To Jamaica FAQ’s

Moving to Jamaica FAQ’s by American Retiree  who lives in Montegobay  Jamaica By John Casey Published Oct 1, 2004 @ 1. Can non-citizens purchase property? Yes, no restriction that I am aware of. 2. What are the mortgage rates? As of Sept. 2004, one bank quoted me a rate of 17.2%. 3. Is it [...]

Childrens Home in Kingston Burned> Sad Indeed

Mustard Seed home one of the many Childrens’ homes in Jamaica was razed last night. I am uncertain about the reasons  behind the recent increase in fires, but this one has been most troubling for me. The Kingston area has been experiencing a severe drought, yet many individuals continue to “burn rubbish ” which means [...]