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Roaming At Coronation Market In Kingston, Jamaica

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Facts on Kingston Jamaica

The following information is a Post I did for Talesmag.  It is called “The Real Post Report on Kingston” Please visit this site for more on Expats, June 2009 Updated  January 2010 The contributor has lived in Kingston for almost four years, a first expat experience. Her husband is Jamaican. Travel time To Jamaica: [...]

Jamaicans Concerned> The Haitians are coming

I saw the following Cartoon character in today’s’ newspaper ( Jamaican Observer Jan.19th 2010), in sunny Jamaica and wanted to share. I strongly believe that the average Jamaican is very concerned and saddened by the recent tragedy which occurred for the people of Haiti,  but the following sentiment may also be on the minds of [...]

Jamaica’s Financial Woes; January 2010

This past week January (11th-15th 2010), has been stressful for many Caribbean people, as the news of the largest Earthquake to hit the Island of Haiti in 200 years occurred. Devastation is the word being used by many in the media to sum up  the tragedy. To make matters worst, the global economic melt down [...]

Moving to Jamaica Most FAQ’s

I got the idea to do a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) blog because I am asked several many of the same question each month. After doing some research about where my readers are coming from, I was amazed that  I now have readers from Italy, Australia, Netherlands, England, South Africa, Canada, Trinidad, Barbados and the United [...]

Haiti I Am Sorry >By Trinidadian David Rudder

This past week while sitting at my desk in Kingston Jamaica, I experienced the tremblings of an earthquake. It was a most unusual feeling, because I had never had such an occurrence in my life before. My initial feeling was  ” is this really occurring” and then ” yes it’s an earthquake” Little could I [...]

A Simple Jamaican Weekend In “Country”

After 6 months on the island, I learned the meaning of the phrase, “Ah going country dis weekend.” For Jamaicans, this usually means that they are leaving the bustling city of Kingston and traveling to an area where the pace of life is usually slower. “Kingston,” I tell my friends, “is a unique, dynamic city [...]