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Applying for Jamaican Work Permits

I recently shared with you the readers an article I saw in the Gleaner Newspaper about “Expats needing  work permits”. Each week I either receive emails on the topic or see questions on the topic at various Expat  forums chat boards. This week I noticed a followup article about the steps one would take when [...]

Do I need a work permit? Jamaica

About twice a month I get emails about the above question, and while I have blogged about this particular topic one can never have too much information as it pertains to Jamaica and work permits. I noticed a writer giving information on work permits in the local paper and felt the information may come in [...]

Permanent Residency In Jamaica

The Following article is written by: An American Retiree in Jamaica By John Casey Published Mar 31, 2009 Permanent residency can be granted for retired people and those who have been employed in Jamaica for at least five years.  The process takes three years to complete, but it took five years for me.  This [...]

Abundant Sunshine In Jamaica

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