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“Out Of Many One People”

Attached is a viewpoint about Jamaicans and heritage, which I felt may be a useful read for expats moving to Jamaica. Posted: Monday, August 20, 2007 By George W Graham @ Funny, I Don’t Look Jamaican Sometimes a duck may not look like a duck, but if it walks like a duck and quacks [...]

Funerals and Glass Caskets In Kingston Jamaica

Up until moving to Jamaica almost three years ago, I had attended only four funerals in my entire life: my grandfathers’ funeral which occurred when I was perhaps six or seven years old, my mothers’ less than six years ago, a good friends’ father’s funeral in 2005, and my own father’s funeral in October of [...]

New Hotel in; Kingston Jamaica

There are currently two or three hotels in New Kingston Jamaica where potential Expats considering a move to Jamaica, initially stay while doing  that very important pre-arrival visit to the country. They are the Pegasus, the Hilton and the Terra Nova Hotels. I have had varying feedback about all three mentioned, but peoples expectations generally [...]