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The Decision to Move to Jamaica>Shared

My husband was contacted through his blog Moving Back to Jamaica @ last year  via email by the following writer. She had a few questions to ask about  moving here to Jamaica and asked his advice, so he answered her and also told her to email me. We have since been in communication, and [...]

Expats & Job Opportunities in Jamaica

I receive emails almost weekly from individuals who are considering moving to Jamaica.  Some have very simple questions while others speak to major concerns such as Jamaica’s unemployment rate and the ease of employment for outsiders. These questions generally come from: * Jamaicans living overseas who wish to return to the Island * Expats who [...]

A Closer Peep at Jamaica>

The following realistic videos show snippets about what is good in Jamaica. I am often asked, “what do I like most about Jamaica? ” My initially answer is usually, that I love the food, the beautiful scenery of the countryside and the rhythm of the Jamaican people. The mountains, valleys and beaches are the best [...]

Running Talent In Jamaica: Jr. Champs to Sr.Champs

My attached blog was written in 2008, after I attended the great track event Champs. Getting tickets for Champs 2009 was near impossible this year for many, mainly because of the success of all the star athletes last year at the Olympics. The demand for tickets was enormous and the scalpers were  also out. Tickets [...]

Shattered Dreams of Teaching In Jamaica: Part I

Today,  while drinking my morning coffee and wondering what next to share at my blogsite, a story  in the local Observer newspaper jumped at me. Since I am usually on the prowl for expat related stories, my interest was peaked. I found the story interesting as it described how the writer fell in love with [...]

Moving To Jamaica with Pets>

Ever so often I notice postings and questions to various expat sites, about where Jamaica stands on people who want to relocate to the Island and bring in their pets. I have also received a few emails regarding that very topic, as the law only allows pets in from certain countries. Anybody considering a move [...]