Charitable Groups in Kingston JA.

There are several charitable organizations in Jamaica, where any individual who wants to volunteer time  or resources can do so and feel  a tremendous sense of good. I usually recommend that you spend the first 3-6 months  after arriving on the island, getting yourself and family settled. Once you feel settled and know your way around somewhat, your networking can begin especially if you have not done any networking prior to moving to Jamaica.

I now belong to a few different groups, so once you are ready you can simply reach out. Listed are a few organizations  that I am most familiar with. Do contact me or  contact any of the following groups  if you are interested in getting your service work started.

The Canadian Womens’ Group ( see Canadian High Commission for details), The American Womens’ Group ( see  the American Embassy), Women International Club ( WIC), IPP ( International Proxy Parents), Womens Inc., and the Jamaican Aids Support Society.

The following charitable notice was sent to me via a friend for posting:

The TRC is a Non-Profit, No Fee
Community Library, Reading Room & Education Centre
… a place where life is enriched by learning…

Sponsored by Non-Profits:
FACE Jamaica: Friends Advancing Community Education (2006 Jamaica)
Friends of the Trench Town Reading Centre (1995 Van Canada)

PHYSICAL PLANT: Two adjacent buildings:
– The Library: Main room: Book collection & Kids Korner, Tutorial rm, 2 bathrms
– Community Classroom/ Art / Performance Space
Open:Tues-Friday Noon-8pm. Sat: 11am-6pm. Sun: 2:30-5:30pm. Closed Monday.
Literacy, read aloud, huge variety of language art activities, book of the week, tutoring …
Spelling Bees: Feb 10 Jamaican Culture & History (65 spellers 5 groups)
Aug 08 Family & Community (70 spellers 5 groups) Scotia Bank sponsors with FACE Jamaica & FTRC

Summer School; 3wks July 08. Focus: Literacy, comprehension, research writing skill combined with art. ‘Puppets for Peace’ each Friday. Two shows & a puppet-making workshop.

Cultural Program..spoken word & songs. Writing & performing
Art & Craft several times a week
Job Search & Skills series, parenting, seniors meeting, and other community group’s use

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Questions Being Asked by a Future Expat Manager

See Answers under each question: as I am answering directly from an email sent to me.

I need to decide over the next 5 days to take a job offer (to move to Kingston Jamaica as an expat with a foreign company,  in a role as company manager) or to not move and take up another European offer. So unfortunately I cannot wait for the 6 day or so delivery of the paid for information( books)  and need it all in one quick delivery so it can help me make up my mind.

Please visit: Why Workers Won’t Work>

It’s from a company called  FrameworkConsulting.

This paper summarizes the book Why Workers Won’t Work: The worker in a developing economy. A case study of Jamaica by Kenneth L. Carter. It’s a seminal work and acts as a powerful guide to both new and experienced managers. This paper may be useful in understanding the Jamaican employee.
The second download on the same page is ” The Trinidadian Executive.” It describes managers who came to work here in Jamaica thinking that they’d have “no problem” as they, too, were from the Caribbean.  The paper describes the shock they experienced and what can be learned from the experience.

I have 3 burning questions though & if you can help me with a response I would be very grateful;

The world of WORK!!!!!!

Ouestion:1. I hear that renting a house and electricity bills are unusually high, so I want to make sure the company allowance limit (for rent and utilities) is realistic. So  for a comfortable 2 bedroom house / flat for my wife & myself in a secure community e.g. for expats (maybe with access to sports facilities / pool etc ?) what\’s the current typical monthly rental range and utilities bill (we have no children only my wife & myself)?

Answer: I will quote in US. as 98% rental fees are pegged to US due to Jamaica’s  economy. You will spend  maybe $2000 a month for something very nice, as a  town house or Apartment. If it’s furnished, then prepare to spend abit more. Lately however bargains can be had, as a great deal of people have rental properties simply sitting unoccupied due to the worldwide economic slump. Realtors  will however try to close a deal as more commissioned is gained if they put you in a more expensive places.

So if your company does not have a Realtor for you to work with let me know I can recommend one, or our book mentions a few reputable companies.
Make certain you do not move into any housing that is without grills on ALL doors and windows. Are you sure that you will be based in Kingston, as it’s the most expensive area. Rents  prices are less outside on Kingston corporate area, but Kingston is also where 95% of Expats live. Are you not allowed to come on a pre-arrival trip to have a look see? Really push for this if it’s an option. There is an International community here, representing several countries, as my neighbors are from Columbia and I know women from Wales, New Zealand, Thailand, Venezuela, Ireland & Chile. So your wife will certainly find company if she so desires. I will share more in this area if you decide to move here.

Rarely are gyms in living communities here, only two or three places for rent have as much, and they may cost US$2500 to $3000. a Month. A few good gyms in the Kingston areas are mentioned in our book. I have one pal who works at the EU and they live in a great area called Russell Heights, the complex is called Durie Estates and it has a good, small, reliable gym on the premises.

Even ask if the company has temporary Corporate housing, as you can come then  have a look see, and ship your things say 6 months later. Rushing this sort of a move is not encouraged. I would  also attempt to bargain for a company car for 6 months or driver and corporate housing, bargain hard, as it will make your  choices easier.

Electricity bills here are un-usually high, and it has been escalating the last 4-6 months. Many of the local Jamaicans are complaining like mad. Our last two months bills averaged US $200 ( Oct. Nov. 2008) Then December was US $150. and we have zero children nor do we run Air Conditioning. We work from home, so who knows? Telephone is about $50 to $60 US with internet another US$55.00  month.

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