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Expat Jamaica: Membership Site Has Been Launched

As some of you may have realized, I have cut back on the amount of available blog posts at this site. My blog launch in May 2008 was a great success and the traffic to my site has been steadily growing. It is now October, five months later, and I find myself with over 120 [...]

Shattered Dreams of Teaching In Jamaica:Part II

An American teachers’ story continued: This is the second of a two-part feature by Stephanie Maiman Guest Columnist Stephanie Maiman Thursday, October 16, 2008 …My permit would expire in September, so I paid him in May, leaving plenty of time so there would be no problem. Because I planned to visit my mother before the [...]

Thinking About Living in Jamaica >e Book

Living in Jamaica This is one of the many times that people all over the world will have their attention to Jamaica, with thoughts about what it would like to live and experience the weather, beauty, music, sports and culture of the people of this Island. Usain Bolt, like Bob Marley and the three recent Olympic  100 meter female medal winners, will surely boost the winter tourist numbers. [...]

A Trinidadian> Shares His Views on Jamaica

A Trinidadian Shares His Views on Jamaica By Raffique Shah March 02, 2008 A Trini shares One week spent in Jamaica is far too little time to assess the state of the country or to enjoy its many scenic and special attractions. Most of the latter are way up the mountains or beyond, on its [...]

Tipping @ All Inclusive Resorts in Jamaica

The following Question and Answer was recently presented at an online forum where individuals post questions about Jamaica. In the forum, a team of volunteer mentors take a stab at answering them in as much depth as possible. I saw the following question and answer posted, and felt that the points being made may be [...]

More on Crime in Jamaica > The Children

Crime in Jamaica continues to be on the rise daily, and the alarming murder statistics is a very sad day-to-day reality for all living on the island. Over the last two weeks, three innocent children under 12 years old  were brutally murdered. Who would grab such innocent, laughing children, as they take off shoes when [...]