Pests I’ve Had To Get Used to> Since Living In Jamaica

In January 2007, we moved to our new place and welcomed our first visitor — a monster-sized lizard (at least by my standards) living outside the window of my husband’s office. As you can see from the picture of him beside a 12 inch ruler, he is thick, long and fat. We later found out that he goes by the name of Fred.


Each evening at about 6:00 pm, Fred makes his trek up the window ledge. Although we are not sure where he goes, I am pretty certain that he’s in search of his daily meal of mosquitoes. I can only hope that I never see him inside the house or worst yet, anyplace near our bedroom.

As I water my plants, I often see several smaller guys/girls running around my indoor potted plants.

I have had to learn to give them space rather than racing for the broom each time screaming high holy hell. While I have gotten better, in that I no longer scream, these critters still drive me wild and I receive no comfort from the fact that they are relatively harmless and that they, in fact, help to control the mosquito population.

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Access to 175 Different Newspapers > While Living In Jamaica

I decided to share this article’s information with readers,  simply because I think expats living or moving to Jamaica may get excited by knowing that they can have access to newspapers from home countries delivered daily or monthly to their doorsteps.

I was aware of this service being offered in Kingston several months ago after my husband found out about it from a friend. We proceeded to try it, and while I loved receiving the Sunday Washington Post, we somehow never quite followed up on the service for ourselves.

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Spooky House in Brae’s River Jamaica> By Robert Lalah

Each Thursday  morning I open the Gleaner newspaper in eagerness, to see what tale Robert Lalah has to share with his readers. His stories are called “Roving with Lalah” and he writes about daily life in small rural country towns, the breath and depth of Jamaica.

I have often wished that I knew him personally, and each week he would arrive to pick me up and include me on his road trips across the island.  As  I told my husband, “How much more I could learn about Jamaican culture….” if I could take a trip or two with Lalah.

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What Do Expatriate Spouses Need?

This article comes from expatwomen September 2008 Newsletter and I wanted to share with you the readers.

Managing Global Talent: What Do Expatriate Spouses Need?
Report to Participants

By Dr. Nina Cole
Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
July 2008

Surveys consistently demonstrate that problems with spousal adjustment are the leading cause of early return home from expatriate assignments, which is costly in terms of repatriation and replacement of the expatriate, and in terms of company performance. One of the key factors affecting spousal adjustment is interruption/cessation of employment. Recent surveys also reveal that although 60% of spouses are employed before expatriate assignments, only about 20% find employment while abroad. Despite these indicators, employers provide very limited employment assistance to spouses.

During 2007-2008, I traveled through the Asia-Pacific region to conduct a research study on spousal adjustment. The study was funded by the SHRM Foundation (affiliated with the U.S. Society for Human Resource Management). All 238 participants completed a questionnaire regarding employment assistance. Of those, 100 participants volunteered to meet with me for a more detailed discussion, and provided specific information on the assistance they had received, and what additional assistance would have been helpful.

Executive Summary

The results of the study showed that spouses who experience a severe disruption or cessation of employment have significantly lower interactional adjustment (with regard to interacting with host nationals) than other spouses. For spouses with a career orientation to work, females had higher cultural adjustment (related to food, housing, medical care etc) and interactional adjustment than males.

Only 18 percent of the spouses received employer-provided career assistance, and there was no significant difference in adjustment between spouses who received assistance and those who did not. Those who received assistance gave mediocre ratings of its effectiveness (average 3.2 out of 5), suggesting that employers need to more carefully design such assistance based on a rigorous assessment of spousal needs.

Interviews with 100 spouses indicated that their greatest needs are for networking information to assist in their job search and for a ‘go-to’ person for practical settling-in assistance. The good news is that the cost of this assistance is minimal. Creating lists of classic books regarding portable careers, employment agencies, other Western companies operating in the location, expatriate associations/networks, expatriate websites, networking groups for spouses, international schools and other organizations providing services to the expatriate community can be obtained via a Web search or through existing spousal groups and networks. Hiring existing expatriate spouses on a contract basis to provide assistance to newly-arriving spouses before and during the actual moving and settling-in period is also inexpensive and cost-effective.

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Caribbean! Vacancies In Jamaica

Each month this list is sent to me, so I am simply sharing this lead.

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Wed, 24-Sep-2008 Marketing and Events Officer

Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Business Development Manager

Fri, 19-Sep-2008 IT Support & Database Manager

Fri, 12-Sep-2008 Lecturer / Assistant Lecturer in Mathematics

Fri, 12-Sep-2008 Computer Information Systems Auditor

Fri, 26-Sep-2008 Kitchen & Stone Department Manager

Fri, 12-Sep-2008 Head of Marketing

Tue, 16-Sep-2008 Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Thu, 18-Sep-2008 Enumerator/Research Assistants  Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Sales and Marketing Manager

Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Key Account Manager
Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Literacy Specialist
Mon, 22-Sep-2008 Marketing Communications Officer

Wed, 24-Sep-2008 Senior Analyst Programmer (Oracle)

Wed, 24-Sep-2008 Research Analyst

Fri, 10-Oct-2008 Consultants/Lecturers

Wed, 24-Sep-2008 Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Wed, 24-Sep-2008 Senior Analyst Programmer (Oracle)

Fri, 26-Sep-2008 Senior Financial Administrator

Tue, 30-Sep-2008 Lecturer in Communication Studies

Tue, 30-Sep-2008 Lecturer / Assistant Lecturer in Social Work

Wed, 01-Oct-2008 Scientific Assistant

Fri, 03-Oct-2008 Veterinary Officer II

Fri, 12-Sep-2008 Manager  Contracts and Procurement

Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Senior Network Engineer

Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Senior Nortel Engineer

Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Web Application Developer / Analyst

Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Senior Business Analyst

Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Senior Avaya Engineer

Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Principal IT Consultant

Fri, 10-Oct-2008 Junior Application Developers

Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Senior IT Consultant

Fri, 19-Sep-2008 V.P. & Client Development Manager  Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Senior Trust Officer  Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Office Equipment Technician

Mon, 22-Sep-2008 Facilities Assistants

Mon, 22-Sep-2008 Facilities Technician

Mon, 22-Sep-2008 Distribution Centre Supervisor

Fri, 26-Sep-2008 Systems Programmer  Fri, 26-Sep-2008 Chemist

Fri, 26-Sep-2008 Laboratory Technician

Tue, 30-Sep-2008 Director – International Office

Fri, 10-Oct-2008 Senior Application Developers

Fri, 19-Sep-2008 Senior Microsoft Dynamics GP Consultant

Fri, 10-Oct-2008 Account Executive (Sales)
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