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Gustav’s 30 plus Hours of Rainfall on Jamaica !!!!

The 7pm news report on television  was just on, and I was left speechless after an update about Gustav’s devastation. The report revealed that almost 3,000 persons could be homeless tonight, and about 15 people are feared  missing after houses crashed into a few rivers and gully banks. Water is every place with several bridges [...]

Gustav’s Fury!!!! 24 Hours of Rainfall & Winds

Last weekend we arrived home to Jamaica after being away for almost three weeks to witness flag waving and Olympic Medal celebrations all over Kingston. It was a fantastic feeling to arrive and see people in such happy spirits. Then the news of Gustav, the tropical storm came early this week.  This depression was not [...]

Oh What A Medal Haul>From Beijing !!!!!!

Flags Flags and more Jamaican Flags. My husband and I arrived back to the island after being gone for a few weeks to witness an atmosphere of pure celebrations. As we left the airport, we noticed that almost every vehicle we saw had flags flying from windows. ” Jamaica currently feels like Christmas is what [...]

Jamaicans “Stir It Up” in Beijing!!!! 2008

Excitement, Excitement, Pure Excitement as things are ”STIRRED” up in China !!!!! The sun continues to shine on  Jamaica’s athletes and the celebrations will be ongoing, as the “Yardies” continue to blaze trails and win Gold in Beijing. Stephen Francis’ wonder team has been making Jamaicans proud all over the world, as this team soars day after day to make history at the 2008 [...]

CaribbeanJobNet > Vacancies

Attached is the August list of vacancies which was recently sent to me. Apply directly for jobs in the Caribbean via! Tell a friend! Go to: Can you or someone you know fill any of these current job vacancies? Deadline               Job Title —————-       ———————————————– Fri, 22-Aug-2008       Human Resource Officer Fri, 05-Sep-2008       Senior Secretary [...]

Jamaicans Hunt For Gold in Beijing!!!!!

Good Times for JA!!! Pics by: The excitement has been high in Jamaica for the last few weeks, and the atmosphere has been one of hope and merriment, especially with recent Emancipation Day celebrations on August 1st and Independence Day celebrations on August 6th . The phrase “we likkle but we tallawah” comes to [...]

Expat Shares> Positives & Negatives Of Living In Jamaica

I sent out a survey in May/ June 2008 to expats living in the Kingston area, asking them to share five positive and five negative things they would tell another person considering a move to Jamaica. While all of my responses are currently housed under the tab of Expat stories, I wanted to share this particular response [...]

Questions; About Future Moves To Jamaica

For the last year and a half, I have been a volunteer mentor with various on line expat exchange services, where I answer questions for expats seeking information about Jamaica. Not sure when the idea first popped into my head to do this, but I realized early on that I get tremendous enjoyment when assisting [...]

From A Security Specialist Corner: On Living In Jamaica

I decided to ask a Security Consultant to share his views and some tips about living in the sun for people considering moving to Jamaica, as many are often confused by the conflicting reports. The first thing many people here about Jamaica, is how beautiful it is, but the crime rate and violence is high. [...]

Reggae Marathon 2008 > Negril Jamaica

What a great way to see Jamaica if you are a long distance runner. This running experience will be way memorable and could rank very high on your pleasure list. Reggae Marathon was recently tagged as one of the ten best Marathons in the world.  This incredibly organized event is hosted each year by the Jamdammers [...]