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Jamaican words, expressions, and slang.

The Language: English (official), Creole. English is the official language of Jamaica. However, Patois (Creole), a combination of English and some African languages, is spoken in rural areas and is used increasingly in urban areas. Most Jamaicans can speak or understand Patois, but it is not a written language. Jamaican speech, even in English, has [...]

More on Hurricanes in Jamaica > Dean 2007

I realized after the last post, that I should have expanded more on hurricane season, as it could be an issue if one is unprepared. The following comment was posted after the last hurricane information blog post: “Good to be prepared for hurricanes, as the season comes every year. Add to the list a wind-up [...]

Working In Jamaica> Recently Listed Vacancies

The following advertisements are sent to me once a month and I decided to share them with readers. Please recognize that the unemployment rate is extremely high in Jamaica, so most jobs will go to Jamaicans first. Also do extensive research about work permits and requirements needed to work and live in Jamaica. Apply directly [...]

What’s right with Jamaica?

These last few weeks in Jamaica have been considered “hot.” This word does not mean hot as in temperature but  “hot” as it pertains to the island’s crime scene and the escalation of daily murder rates. I found it very enlightening to see small burbs in the Observer Newspaper during the last few days that [...]

Runners coming to Jamaica

Jamdammers Running club, is one of Kingston’s best kept secrets, if you’re a runner. So you land in Kingston on Wednesday night and track down this running club by Thursday, then you make plans to meet them on Saturday morning at 5 a.m. sharp for a long run. This long run is usually 10 miles, [...]

Roadside tour Of Fatty’s Cooking Spot – Faith’s Pen, Jamaica

Food: When I saw this Utube video I had to share it, mainly because it represents what Jamaicans call “eating pon the road” The first year I arrived in Jamaica on holiday, my husband who was then my boyfriend took me to ” The Pen, or Faiths Pen” for lunch. We were driving to the [...]

Wakes and Funerals in Jamaica

I started writing about my recent experiences after attending three funerals here in Jamaica in less than three months, but could not finish my story. After a recent chat however, with my new pal John and his wife, he informed me that he had written a piece on the same subject and said I could share [...]

Pre- Arrival Trip: One Expats’ Experience in Kingston Jamaica

This note was recently left at one of the expat sites where I volunteer to answer expat questions. The note is about one persons Pre- arrival trip and experience in Kingston. I often recommend that people thinking about moving to Jamaica do as many Pre-arrival trips if possible. Pre-arrival meaning, they are coming on trips [...]

Blog NEWS > Clean up continues thru August

Hi, My blog site was launched a few months ago, and its’ now time to do a massive clean up. In my haste to keep the information fresh and coming, my editing has been highly neglected. So my plan is to take the month of July thru early August to clean up typos, spelling,  etc.  [...]

Another Perspective>Obtaining A Jamaican Drivers Licence

Attached, is another story on the process of obtaining a drivers license in Jamaica. This piece is abit more detailed than what I was actually told on my  fact finding trip last week, or of what I remember my own experience to be. I suppose things always vary. Please bear in mind, that the fees [...]