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Things To See & Do While Living In Jamaica

Living in Jamaica provides lovers of the beach, nature or and the outdoor with the most breathtakingly beautiful views of the ocean or mountains. I often say that living here makes me want to become a photographer, as the land is simply beautiful. I remember living in Washington, D.C. and driving eight to ten hours to get [...]

More Questions on Moving to Jamaica> Tips

In the last three days, the following questions came in to me via email. While I have personally answered them, I wanted to share them publicly with my readers who may have similar questions and also share a piece that gives a few overall TIPS on moving to Jamaica. These types of questions confirm for [...]

What’s Right With Jamaica Continued

I was asked by a few Jamaicans to continue sharing on “what is right about Jamaica” and decided to share an amusing story. I realized early after moving here, that I absolutely enjoyed the delicious fresh variety of fruits that one has daily access to in Jamaica. While I occasional glance at raspberries or strawberries [...]

Available Through Thur, June 19th

We have been getting some good responses to our MyMovetoJamaica Part I guide for expats moving to Jamaica. This is just a note to say that the guide will only be offered for three more days. In other words, it won’t  be available for purchase as of Friday morning, June 20th, 2008. For more information, [...]

Cooking A Local Jamaican Food> Breadfruit

With current food prices on the rise throughout the world, Jamaica is by no means exempt from these escalating prices. I saw a news report on television last night that said food prices have gone up by 36.5percent in the last twelve months. I guess I was aware of this, as our weekly grocery bills [...]

The Four Kinds of Information Available in Jamaica

Anyone who has lived in Jamaica for more than a few weeks knows what I am talking about. There are at least four kinds of information, or in other words, four kinds of answers to an innocent question posed to a company or government entity. Those who move to Jamaica as either expats or returnees [...]

Jamaica: Observer Food Awards 2008

Food in Jamaica is absolutely phenomenal. While Trinidad also has excellent cuisine, the sheer variety and creativity in how foods can be prepared here in Jamaica is amazing. We had some friends visiting from Trinidad this weekend, and we took them to Hellshire Beach for Prendy’s fried fish and lobster. What a time we had, [...]

Importing a Motor Vehicle to Jamaica

Many people debate about whether or not to bring a vehicle in with you when moving to Jamaica. Read the following as the information may be useful. We actually purchased a used SUV a few months after arriving in Jamaica. We choose an SUV mainly because of the roads, and a lifestyle that includes touring [...]

Jamaican Talk Radio> Expat Resource for Learning Culture

Host: Kingsley Ragashanti Stewart; Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon I think that this is one of the best talk show programs in Jamaica. It is a great way for Expats to learn Patois and learn about the day to day culture in Jamaica. I laugh daily as I listen to this program, as [...]

Coming Home To Jamaica !!!!

Attached is a story written by a single female Jamaican Returnee, who currently lives in Kingston Jamaica. She wanted to share her story with readers, mainly because she believes there is a positive place in Jamaica for Returnees who are determined to re-connect with the island soil. I really do agree with her and I [...]