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Household Security in Jamaica

As I pointed out in my post on “settling in“, the choice of housing is made primarily with the following questions in mind: What is the crime rate like in the neighborhood? Does the house have adequate security (e.g. burglar-bars?) Should you live in a gated or a non-gated community? A family moving to Jamaica [...]

More Jamaican Links> History & Map

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Things to do in Jamaica> JA Links

I found the attached site to be an excellent resource. It offers details about things to do as small trips on weekends in Jamaica. When we first arrived in Jamaica, we spent the first few months settling in, then proceeded to spend most weekends touring the island. I have many favorites but my top [...]

Cranbrook: Flower Forest & River Head Adventure Trail

A Must See: This was one of the very first places I visited on my first trip to Jamaica. We were literally scoping it out as a possible place to get married. While we decided against it for several personal reasons, it’s a great place to visit. Do not forget your mosquito spray or wear [...]

Fun Activites in Jamaica Experience Jamaica> Some upcoming things to do in 2008 There is more to Jamaica than reggae and Rastafarians. Fringed with white-sand beaches, the island has year-round sunshine, misty mountains, lush rain forest and superb coffee. All-inclusive resorts cater to package tourists, or you can plan your individual weekend yourself. I tell people often that [...]

Jamaican Greetings

In spite of the aggressiveness and sometimes harsh nature of life in Jamaica, one of the sweet contradictions lies in how Jamaicans greet each other. Of course, there are the regular greetings of “Hello”, “How are you?” and “Good mawning.”Then there are the others… “Blessed.” has become a popular greeting that I have never heard [...]

Article: On Cycling In Kingston JA

A recent Jamaica Observer article on cycling in Kingston: The Wheels on the Bike Go Round and Round Kaci Hamilton Thursday, February 28, 2008 Ask any of the sweating, panting, spandex-clad cycling enthusiasts making the weekend rounds from the airport to Port Royal and they’ll tell you, it’s torture waking up at the crack of [...]

Pre-Arrival Trip to Jamaica

What exactly is a pre-arrival trip? A pre-arrival trip is simply a trip you make to Jamaica once you have decided that you and your family, or you by yourself, will be moving here. Things to consider before this trip include: Learning basic facts about the country. Do as much research as you can before [...]

More on Crime in Jamaica

Below is a blog post by Francis Wade, originally written in October 2005: More on the Sources of Crime in the Caribbean In this blog I posted an earlier entry on the Sources of Crime in Jamaica. When working recently on a blog on first-person responsibility, I realized that I made a conceptual jump that [...]

Useful Jamaican Resoure Links

Some very helpful links being provided by the University of Texas about Jamaica addthis_url = ‘’; addthis_title = ‘Useful+Jamaican+Resoure+Links’; addthis_pub = ”;